Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bucktown Library

the month of august has been crazy. I've been interning, taking classes and completing a yoga teacher training. The weather has been beautiful and I've been riding around everywhere, scouting out the next spot to beautify-- when i had some time! There are so many places, but I really like the idea of planting flowers around places that serve the public in some way. So this month it was the wickerpark/bucktown library. They have some bushes, but it needed a little love. My friend Dustin and I went to home depot on our bicycles to pick up some flowers and realized there was no way we were carrying the cargo without some help. So I called my friend Josh and he came to the rescue because he has a car. We were able to successfully get the flowers from point A to point B. ALSO! Stanley came out this week for the first time and he actually brought more flowers to plant! that was awesome.
This is Josh and Dustin getting to work on one of the sides.
Here's one side.
Here's the other side.

All in all it was a really fun night. It took about 40 minutes and we had some digging issues because one of the sides of the entrance had a few obstacles underground that took awhile to dig up. Other than that it was great and now the library and all its customers have something special to look at as they go to check some books out.

thanks to candice, josh, dustin and stanley for helping!

chicago tribune article

I would have updated this sooner, but really I didn't think this story existed on the internet! This is Bill Hagerman's article from last month's guerrilla gardening trip. It came out really great. I couldn't find it online, so I called him early monday morning and asked him to send me some hard copies-- chicago tribunes run 2 dollars each! so he sent me a dozen hard copies! what a good guy.

anyway, thank you ashley for finding this link online so I can share it with people.