Saturday, April 10, 2010

International Sunflower Day

gardener alert!

May 1st is International Sunflower Day.
Guerrilla Gardeners around the world (you didn't think we were the only ones, did you??) will be planting sunflowers in their neighborhoods.

Since my digs are always at night (what can I say.. I like the ninja-like aspect of planting at night and the instant gratification of waking up to something new and beautiful) I am planning on doing a dig April 30th so that the flowers will be alive and kickin' for their special day.

Location TBD
Sunflowers WELCOME! If you can come, please try to bring a sunflower or two! the more the better. As always, I will provide whatever is in my budget, but half the fun is doing it together.

I'll keep you posted

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