Wednesday, March 10, 2010

this weekend and more!

hey gardeners

if you haven't committed to any plans this weekend, this is your reminder to check out the Food & Farm Expo. It's thursday - saturday.. tons of great speakers, chefs, farmers, gardeners and foodies are gathering for a conference geared towards sustainable agriculture and urban lifestyles.

ALSO: there's a Localicious party on Friday featuring delicious foods from some of chicago's top restaurants that all support local and organic food. tickets are 75 dollars, but for the calibur of food it is way worth it! yum!

also keep in mind: the growing season is starting soon so I will be planning the year's first guerrilla gardening dig soon. I'm always open for suggestions as to a good location. Here are some of my criteria:
1. medium-high traffic, so people can see the difference
2. near a place that offers a good service (think schools, libraries, community centers, etc)
3. some place dig-able. While I might be building some planter boxes this year to add some life to places in desperate need of green.. it always makes it easier if there is soil already in the ground.

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  1. how do you go about planting? My friends and I are planning for seed bombing for more hard to reach or fenced areas. I thought I was crazy a few months ago when I mentioned the whole guerilla garden idea. I had no clue that it was a kind of movement until I mentioned it to a friend at Columbia College who works for our recycling. I am a junior at Columbia and the VP of our Environmental group and a member of ISEC(an illinois environmental student group). I know an ISEC member from UIC. My email is