Friday, October 30, 2009

quick update

hey everyone.

so i didn't officially let you know, but gardening has stopped for the season.
there are two reasons for this:
1) winter is approaching so planting flowers typically does not happen
2) my semester at school has kicked into high gear and i've been needing more time to focus on that

however, i have still been getting a lot of interest in GGing.

my plan is to hopefully get some local florists involved next summer to donate flowers so that we can make a bigger impact. I figure now that there is photographic evidence and stories written about this in the paper it adds to the legitimacy of it. Hopefully flower shop owners will agree!

did you know that Home Depot destroys all of their plants every month that don't sell? and they won't give them to me! and they won't tell me when/where they exactly shred them so that they can 'conveniently get coffee' while i clandestinely run in and save the plants before they go into the chopper. outrageous! if you know anyone that works at a home depot who is willing to bend the rules for the GG cause, please contact me!

I will keep you all posted as to any media hits there are and when the summer gets closer expect the blog to pick back up.

until then, have a warm winter and maybe start some seedlings in your apartment for the first outing next year :)

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